Trebor understands and speaks the language of converters. All the way from technical and operational information to sourcing basic raw materials and specialized grades. Trebor salespeople can provide the necessary expertise, resources and access to the right tissue grades you need to stay competitive and build your business. We can help you serve "at home" and "away from home" customers.Our salespeople have an up-to-the-minute understanding of the fluctuations of today's modern converting business. As a result, we can provide immediate access to a broad spectrum of virgin or recycled fiber products as well as make technical recommendations to improve your production capabilities and bottom-line performance.

      Trebor has the expertise to supply a wide selection of tissue products worldwide. For this reason, we can play an important role in providing tonnage to help you reach your manufacturing, marketing and operating business objectives. Trebor has a broad knowledge of how to capitalize on foreign currency exchanges, the ability to clear credit and collection instruments, and the experience of successfully transacting business within special trade conditions found between one country and another. We also help our customers maximize transportation efficiencies and meet deadlines by expediting shipments. Trebor's expertise, experience and knowledge can be significant factors in helping gain and expand your position in today's global marketplace.
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