Do You Need Parent Rolls of Tissue?

Or Are You Involved in the Production or Conversion of the Following?

You, the independent converter, need a reliable source of parent rolls of tissue to confidently build and grow your business. A sudden, unexpected loss of that source can spell disaster.

      For over 40 years,
TREBOR has the proven record of supplying parent rolls of tissue to our repeat customers in tight markets, anywhere around the world.

      You can bank on this reliability when it is time to buy new production equipment or expand your plant. When you need to count of a reliable supply of parent rolls of tissue-you can count on
Converters Can Build Their Business on Trebor Reliability

      A paramount concern of all independent tissue converters is the source of supply. Some suppliers ship tissue from whatever mills suit the supplier's needs in spite of the independent converters' concerns-one week tissue is produced at one location, the next week from another. Trebor spurns this variability that causes runability and supply problems making it the premier supplier of parent rolls of tissue, towels, napkins, and related items to service the independent converter.

      "We specialize in providing a stable, long-term source of supply of tissue to the converter," explains Trebor president, Don Glidden. "Our value to customers increases during periods of international and economic uncertainty," Glidden says. "We offer a stable, domestic source of supply and a strong track record of delivering what our customers need in terms of product quality and competitive pricing."

      Trebor has been the largest source of parent rolls of tissue for over 40 years providing continuous service to the tissue industry.

TREBOR finds growth in tissue market

      Trebor's tissue business has reached an all-time peak, thanks to what Glidden sees as the hard work of his team to make Trebor the outstanding supplier to the tissue converting industry. "We appreciate the tissue converters' parent roll supply concerns and make it Trebor's focus to deserve the trust the converters place in us," Glidden says.

     Independent converters continue to seek a stable, long-term source of supply, particularly in times of economic uncertainty. Trebor sees that its consistent record of supplying parent rolls of tissue backed by its superior customer service continues to give it the competitive edge in this marketplace.
"For over 40 years, Trebor has supplied parent tolls of tissue/toweling, making us the largest supplier," Glidden observes. "We predict a bright future for Trebor and the companies it serves."

      Shipments of parent rolls of tissue have reached record levels with Trebor and its customers. Moving that massive amount of tonnage tested Trebor's service and support logistics.

     Don Glidden, Trebor President, observes, "thanks to an expanded computer system and the hard work of our experienced customer service department headed by Richard Repoli, we were up to the task."

      Trebor finds that 90% of its business is with long-term customers. "I've known many of our key customers for over 20 years," reports Glidden "and I'm hoping to know them another 25 years!"

     The multi-national scope of the marketplace is matched by Trebor's customer service personnel who can negotiate in many international languages including, Spanish, German, French and Italian. Every country has its own business terms and conventions and Trebor has been successful in making these understood by mills and converters over the years. Expertise in customs, insurance and currency exchanges is also key to this success. Monitoring day-to-day market intelligence around the world gives the customer service department an added edge in making the right business deals with the latest information.

     According to Sonia Parra-Apel, Trebor's manager of Latin American sales, "we try to make out customers feel at home, no matter what part of the globe they represent." Trebor sees building long-term personal relationships as a measure of their success and stability in the market.